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Experienced commercial heating engineers

Do you need a reliable outfit to make sure your businesses heating system is kept in excellent condition? If your industrial boiler breaks down and you need it fixed fast, call CTC Heating Services in Bromley today.

Commercial and industrial heating systems, taken care of - emergency call outs available

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We know how important it is to keep on top of the heating system in a commercial property. They need regular servicing and maintenance, to make sure there are no breakdowns - the day-to-day running of your hotel, school, office, or other business premises depends on it.

At CTC Heating Services, our team has many years' experience in maintaining and repairing all manner of large-scale heating systems. We are experts in plant rooms, BMS systems, HUI units, and more.

We will make sure that your commercial or industrial heating system stays up and running, and in the event of a breakdown, we are available 24/7 to get things fixed ASAP.

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Plant rooms and HUI systems

If your property uses HUI units backed by a central plant room, one minor problem could take the heating down in every room or dwelling in the building.

Our team has the knowledge to quickly diagnose and fix and problems. Your guests or tenants won't go without heat and hot water for any longer than necessary - great for them, and great for you.

Whatever issues you have with your plant room or any HUI units, we can sort it.

BMS system maintenance and repairs

Is your BMS causing an issue with the heating in your building? You need a company with plenty of experience in dealing with these complex automated systems.

We will identify and repair the issue efficiently so that your building is well heated and ventilated once again.

To stop faults from occurring, we recommend giving us a call so we can inspect your BMS - regular maintenance is key in stopping problems before they arise.

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Professional electrical services

Our team includes fully trained electricians, which means we can take care of minor electrical repairs for you. This saves you having to work with two different contractors at once.

It also means you can have total faith in our ability to look after the electrical aspects of your heating systems - any wiring in your BMS or HUI units will be professionally taken care of.

We are equally skilled in all areas of domestic heating too, so if your boiler breaks down at home, you know who to call.

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Industrial and commercial heating maintenance across Bromley

Our dedicated team has the ability to look after heating systems across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Take advantage of our superior workmanship and competitive prices by getting your free quote today!

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